Gary Ashworth coaches businesses and their owners in order to substantially increase the value of their businesses. He has started or backed over 30 businesses across staffing, healthcare and property portfolios.

Alongside his business prowess, Gary is an award-winning theatre producer. His experience in both business and the arts gives him a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, the importance of failure and experimentation and taking the limits off where your imagination can take you.

As a non-Executive Director, he is Chairman of the InterQuest Group, Albany Beck Consulting and Positive Healthcare.

Gary’s mission is to help businesses increase their value, quickly and significantly. He works with top CEOs and businesses to stop them simply treading water and instead set them on course for success – always making sure there’s plenty of fun along the way.

“Gary has a combination of skills and experience that have been exceptionally valuable to both me personally and to the Group’s success. During the 5 years we have worked together, Gary has been a supportive coach and a determined business partner, bringing all of his grit, skill and experience as a successful entrepreneur to the table. He is able to cut through to the heart of a matter, quickly identifying an issue and offering direct, actionable advice, always focused on value creation.

“Comfortable dealing with the most challenging of situations, Gary’s mantra of ‘be successful and have fun while doing it’ means that even the biggest issues can be addressed in a positive manner. We have been on quite a business journey together and I can’t think of anyone better to have in your corner!”

William Burdett-Coutts, Artistic Director, Assembly Rooms/Riverside TV


Gary Ashworth has started or backed more than 30 organisations in his career.


Gary is regularly featured in the press, commenting on business, entrepreneurship, recruitment and a host of topics.