Gary has had a huge amount of success when it comes to investing. He has a particular eye for spotting an opportunity to improve a business to help it grow quickly and successfully.

When Gary first invested in consulting firm, Albany Beck, he changed the focus of the operations in order to grow the value of the business to £4.2 million in just two years. He now serves as chairman of the company.

“Gary’s ability to cut through the noise and get straight to the heart of the issue is what truly sets him apart. He empowers you to be better. Since Gary got involved with my business he has helped me take it from 9 people to 175 with yearly profits in excess of £3 million. I would go as far as to say there is nothing that Gary doesn’t know about Human Capital but on top of that his knowledge of what makes a business stand out, why it needs to be different and how you can disrupt an industry is where his true value lies. He has coached me personally and has educated me in areas of raising finance and acquisitions that I had little to no knowledge in before. “

James Constable, Managing Partner, Albany Beck


Gary Ashworth has started or backed more than 30 organisations in his career.


Alongside his successful career in business, Gary is an award-winning theatre producer and investor.