Most entrepreneurs and business owners get so stuck in the weeds of the day to day and the quarterly goals that they lose sight of the bigger picture. Easily done… many don’t even know what their exit strategy is, let alone how they’ll make it a reality. Having started and backed over 30 businesses in his career, Gary Ashworth is proud to share his first book. Eat the Pudding First is a fresh slice of business advice that will help entrepreneurs map a realistic business plan to achieve their goal. Starting with the end in mind, Gary provides a masterclass in breaking down the business journey into bitesize chunks. “There’s seldom such a thing as unachievable goal; just an over-ambitious timetable” Aimed at those already running their own business and wanting to scale up and grow earnings at a much more dramatic rate, and those who would like to begin their own business but are not quite sure where or how to start. If you want to create and grow a saleable business, get ready to eat the pudding first. Get your copy here.
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    Gary Ashworth has started or backed more than 30 organisations in his career.


    Gary is regularly featured in the press, commenting on business, entrepreneurship, recruitment and a host of topics.